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It's been a while since I've written. I usually start a new blog in February, that seems to be the pattern at least. Well, I'm one to break patterns.

I mentioned in my "about" section that I wanted to create a safe space to basically process the insanity of what my life has looked like over the last one and a half here it process. And that's what it is, a process. Not complete thought, fully measured, packaged nicely and laid out. It's the ugly truth, the beautiful mess, the tension of the now and not yet.

I mentioned abuse - that is one of the things I've been processing heavily over the last year and a half, since finally walking out on my very abusive marriage after fourteen and a half years. Well, I say walking out, I actually asked him leave. Many people wonder why I stayed so long...well that's one of the things I'll write about in this space. Ha.

The other thing I've been processing is parenthood - single parenthood. I have two littles, they are sweet, and they are little, and life as a lone parent can at times be brutal. Hell, it can be brutal when you're not a lone parent, just sayin'.

So with that, you have my intro blog, which I'll release into the wild

...and hope you come back for more. Oh, and the art is's also a part of my process. So much processing, it's kinda ridiculous...


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